Yesterday afternoon: my computer starts acting weird. I decide to back up all my important stuff to my external hard drive.

Yesterday evening: while I am away from my computer, my external hard drive spontaneously disconnects while copying a huge file.

Later yesterday evening: I return to find that my external hard drive (home to all my old 3D projects from high school, as well various not-irreplaceable-but-difficult-to-replace things) is now unrecognizable to my computer, and that my computer has stopped acting weird.

Cue laughter.

There's a hole in the bucket

I don't think I ever realized what a wildly energetic and vital person I was before getting this job. I'm not sure if it's the job itself or just the inevitable result of taking an eight-to-five job with my sleep cycle, but the last two months I've been coming home absolutely drained. That's part of the reason I haven't been posting (also because I'm lazy). It also means that I have yet to do a great many things on my "cool stuff to do" list. This is especially annoying because I've been foregoing said things due to a lack of sleep and energy rather than a lack of time.
My training manual says that this is a normal part of culture shock, and that the cure is to get out and do something.
Blargh you, training manual. I have to carefully budget my time so that I have enough energy left to both make dinner and eat it. In my current condition, I'm not even sure if I could competently schedule an outing.
I wasn't always this lethargic, however, and a few weeks ago I bought tickets for a local Kabuki performance this past weekend, and arranged to meet my host mother the weekend before. My host mother rescheduled to the same weekend as the Kabuki, so I ended up with a very full weekend.
I managed to scrape together the energy to pull it off, and it was one of the best weekends I've had in a while (or possibly in a very short time, it's all been kind of blurred together). And now I am paying for it in sleep debt and undone tasks.
Sooooooooo tiiiiiired. And I need to take out the trash. And do laundry. And I'm almost out of toilet paper. And my water and gas bills and rent are due really soon, payable only at three different places, all of which are open only during business hours.
Oh, God, I think I've turned into an adult.

Up late, but still no real update

I said I'd post, but I'm too lazy so far to do complex things like recall the previous week. Here's a picture of my cat.


Ok, I don't have a cat. But internet protocol requires me to offer a cat-picture.
Here's a translation into English of the Japanese version of the Internationale instead. Um, belated happy International Workers' Day?
(I'm a bad worker; I still haven't joined the Interac union. In my defense, I can't remember where I found the Interac union, and if I found it I doubt I'd have the energy to fill out the paperwork).
Original Japanese with 旧仮名遣い (pre-war orthography) included.Collapse )

Haha! Access!

I finally found a way to access the internet properly! There's a net cafe in Nagaoka, which is merely an hour's train ride from Muikamachi.
The place I'm living is actually Muikamachi, not Tookamachi, although I think it was technically absorbed into Tookamachi during the great municipality merger two years ago. It's a friendly town, and my apartment is located such that I'm within easy walking distance of two of the three schools I'm assigned to, as well as two grocery stores and the train station.
... And my time's almost up at the netcafe. Crap. I spent most of my time downloading fanfic updates and pictures of Ithaca for my first class (mostly the former, I admit). I'll post again, um, when I can.

Not the first class

Contrary to what I originally thought, today was not my first class, but my first meeting with the teachers. So it looks like I'll know things like the students' level and textbook before I start. Phew!
I'll be having similar meetings with the staff of the other two schools I'll be teaching at, and classes will start on the ninth. By then I should have an actual internet connection, so I can freak out at the length the subject deserves, as well as give an adequate account of the karaoke I did the last night of training.

Spouting viscous yellow clumps of wisdom

I arrived at my placement, moved in, and was promptly greeted by a high fever and matching cold symptoms. I'm writing this on my cell, which can display enoughof LJ to post, but not to read. Other methods of contact with the outside world may be unavailable for two to three weeks. Health insurance may take even longer. Thankfully my disease seems to be on the retreat, so I should be fully recovered by the time I teach my first class on Monday.
If not, I may have to nasally generate my realia.

Ahh, genuine Royal Milk Tea.

Still no karaoke. Tomorrow is the last day of training, in which we present, with a partner, half of a 20 minute lesson to a class made up of our peers and trainers. After the lesson is over, our lesson plan and teaching skills are criticized. I'm sure I'll get around to being worried eventually (probably all at once, five minutes into the presentation), but for now I'm more bored and waiting for Monday, when we leave by train for Niigata.
Training has been surprisingly non-stressful, and I have nothing in particular to say on that subject. I've reunited with some of the wonders of the land of the rising sun (such as the above beverage). I've also found out that I'm definitely going to Tookamachi, and I'll be eligible for transfer in six months.

Training, Day 1

I'm still placed in Tookamachi (knock on wood). This morning, they told me that they might have to change my placement again, but thankfully they changed their minds about changing their minds. I've signed the first of many contracts putting me on my way to getting an apartment, so hopefully there won't be any last minute changes.
I tried to get out to explore earlier, but the hotel is an island surrounded by highways and at the time I didn't want to have to deal with the shuttle (they have a free shuttle to various places, but I can't find a schedule posted anywhere and the receptionist couldn't find a spare one). Hopefully later on I can organize karaoke.